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Welcome to Dunota.

In order to enjoy your pool in any season and under optimum conditions, it is extremely important to use the correct products and use them in the proper proportions along with a filtration system which should not only be effective but efficient as well. This will ensure your pool water is always crystal-clear and, more importantly, free from microorganisms.

Healthy Pools.

The principal element used to disinfect most pools is chlorine. Chlorine is responsible for the suppression of bacteria and algae, which besides causing infections are the main culprit for a cloudy pool. Chlorine needs to be applied in the correct ratio in order to optimize results. The ratio of chlorine in pools should be in the range of 1 to 3 parts per million under normal conditions. Obviously, normal is not always the case.

We understand and adapt to changes in season, use, and rain acidity levels. Some or all of these factors can cause your pool to require an increase of the chlorine content by as much as twice the normal amount.

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